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Abouts Bill MacGregor


Born in Toronto in 1966, William (Bill) MacGregor is a husband and a father. On January 9th, 1974, as a child, Bill came forward and got saved under the preaching of his Pastor Dr. Tom Wallace at Beth Haven Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky. His father, Pastor Robert Clark MacGregor Sr. was also studying for the ministry there at that time. Bill was later ordained and graduated with a bth in Pastoral Theology, and has completed Post Graduate studies at Hyles Anderson College. Bill has been personally involved in Church planting and pastoring in Ontario Canada, in Belleville and Toronto and Barrie and also in Bradenton, Florida. Bill has also done missionary work in Nigeria and in the Republic of Panama where he resides part time. Bill has led many souls to Christ in English and Spanish and has preached in many countries to crowds of thousands and to small groups alike in both English and Spanish. In the pastorate, Bill has personally baptized over 500 converts, both by pulpit preaching, soul-winning, and starting bus ministries. In 2008, While serving as a bus director in Toronto, Bill started and led a bus ministry which, under his leadership, brought five hundred riders to Church each week with a high day of over one thousand riders.
Bill is also a businessman, a business consultant and a keynote conference speaker where he also addresses thousands of business leaders on topics such as sales, economics and history. He is also a marketing consultant and has conducted many trade shows and mass media business campaigns. By means of such, Bill has self-funded most of his ministry efforts through the years. Bill currently resides in Toronto and is a member of Bible Baptist Church of Metropolitan Toronto.